Maryssil Estatua Brazilian Bikini

Maryssil Estatua Brazilian Bikini

  • Padded bandeau top
  • Stringless Brazilian bottom
  • Made in Brazil by Maryssil Swimwear
US$ 53.64
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Product Code: ESTATUA
Brand: Maryssil

Maryssil Estatua Brazilian Bikini

Bikinis don't have to have tops and bottoms in the same color to be perfected matched. The Maryssil Estatua bikini comes with a white top and multicolored bottoms that complement each other very well. The designs on the low-rise bottoms look like something you would see on a quilt, but the style of the bottoms and vivid colors makes them look modern instead of antiquated. The white top comes with a gold-colored jewelry piece in center that not only adds to the sophistication of the suit but keeps the two cups securely together. The straps on the padded bandeau-style top come off easily, making it perfect for a day of tanning. You can expect a few envious glances when you wear the sensuous and refined bikini to a beach or pool party or gathering.

Quality, comfort and safety

  • Brazilian designer Maryssil.
  • Bandeau padded top.
  • Low rise Brazilian coverage bottom.
  • This swimwear is brand new, with tags and hygienic protection.
  • Made in Brazil by Maryssil with LYCRA ®Xtra Life fibers.
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