Brazilian Swim Trunks

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Brazilian Swim Trunks, Sunga

Our men’s swim trunks are based on the traditional Brazilian swim trunks called the sunga. The sunga is traditionally, a classic flat fronted brief, with a wide waist and a tight cut around the legs. Typically, the Brazilian sunga do not have many accents. But we offer a few small embellishments for those who want to let their beach personality loose.

We offer solid colors with our logo and without. Our more eye catching designs feature a palm tree silhouette and even an army camouflaged design. For men who would like some style without distraction, we offer an assortment of racing stripes and bicolored trunks. We also offer a textured and neoprene versions.

Our brand is very accessible to everyone. We have a wide variety of prices starting from $28 to just under $80. This will fit every swimmer’s budget. We also have a range of sizes. Our Trunks run from small to extra extra large to fit almost every size (S, M, L, XL, XXL.) Although we are are rooted in tradition, we offer a longer cut or two for those who like variety. No one says that you only have to own one pair.