Cozumel Black -20%
Despi Cozumel Black
US $179.90 US $143.90
Donna Bk Black -20%
Despi Donna Bk Black
US $199.90 US $159.90
Linda Op Cashmire -20%
Despi Linda Op Cashmire
US $220.50 US $176.40
Naomi Bk Floral -20%
Despi Naomi Bk Floral
US $199.90 US $159.90
Rock & Love Black -20%
Despi Rock & Love Black
US $179.90 US $143.90
Maui Loulaki -20%
Despi Maui Loulaki
US $170.50 US $136.40
Whiteheaven White -20%
Despi Whiteheaven White
US $199.90 US $159.90
Phuket Rose Gold -20%
Despi Phuket Rose Gold
US $175.20 US $140.20
Waikiki Ithaca -20%
Despi Waikiki Ithaca
US $159.90 US $128.00
Cancun Bk Paprica -20%
Despi Cancun Bk Paprica
US $179.90 US $143.90
La Joya White -20%
Despi La Joya White
US $179.90 US $143.90
Frou Frou Wild -20%
Despi Frou Frou Wild
US $159.90 US $128.00
Navaggio Loulaki -20%
Despi Navaggio Loulaki
US $164.60 US $131.70

Despi Bikinis, Luxury Swimwear

Despi features luxury fashion swimwear and accessories that women can count on to be both fun and sexy from the successful fashion designer Despina Filios. The Despi line features elegant swimwear fashions that compliments a mature look.

The eye to the details of each Despi design is what sets the Despi line of swimwear apart from others. By adding delicate and sensual details of lace, ruffles, fringe or other accent pieces, Despi fashions bring a whole new meaning to sophisticated and sensual swimwear.

The Despi swimwear collection features bikinis, one piece swimsuits, and sexy coverups for ladies of all ages wanting to sport the best in beach fashions and accessories on the beach.