Hipanema Bracelets

Hipanema designer bracelets evoke images of beautiful islands with sandy beaches and lively nightlife. The bracelets, which come in a wide variety of colors and designs, look as if they were hand woven by artisans from Brazil. The pieces of jewelry can be mixed and matched with different summer looks, including t-shirt and shorts ensembles, bathing suits, wraps and summer dresses. They can also be worn together on wrists. The bracelets were designed to last longer than most pieces of jewelry travelers pick up on vacation and hold together with clasps instead of tradition ties used in Brazilian jewelry. The vibrant pieces of jewelry are made with seashells, multicolored threads, pearls and quartz stones, which give them an extra edge.

The inspiration for the bracelets came when two Parisian women, Delphine and Jenny, vacationed in Brazil. During their travels to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the fashion-forward women fell in love with colorful bracelets made by local craftspeople. When they had problems with taking the bracelets off, they decided to create colorful bracelets similar to those made in Brazil but that were easier to remove. The name Hipanema, which pays tribute to the Ipanema region of Brazil, is associated with handmade quality products.