Kiminis Bikinis

The creators of the Kiminis swimwear line had a specific consumer in mind when they created the brand. Their swimwear is designed for vibrant young women who want the world to know who they are. With its comfortable designs, sensuous cuts and colorful prints, the Kiminis swimwear makes a perfect addition to any girl’s summer wardrobe. The swimwear was designed not only to look good but to allow a woman to play in the sand or water. For a bikini wearer who wants to sun, the line offers bandeau-style tops with removable neck straps. Removable pads in some of the tops also provided a variety of options for wearing the stylish swimwear. Women who want to be a little more active will find bathing suits with heavy duty neck straps, which come in colors that only add to the bathing suits’ personalities.

Young women don’t have to fret about being noticed on the beach in one of Kiminis’ swimsuits. The bathing suits come in bright colors or with stylistic details that give them a special quality. One of the brand’s suits has a light blue and white tie-die design that conjures up images of gently-moving ocean water. Another sea-inspired bikini comes with a seashell embedded between the top’s cups. The twisted bandeau style on many of the bathing suits also lends a distinctive and youthful look to the bathing suits. With its youthful, joyous edge, the Kiminis brand stands exudes the same vivacious nature as the young women who wear the brand.