Larissa Minatto

Larissa Minatto Bikinis

Larissa Minatto has developed a reputation in the swimwear industry for her classic summer fashions. The fashion designer creates simple and stylish beachwear for elegant women all over the world. Minatto started at a family swimwear factory and went on to study fashion design in Milan. Born in Santa Catarina, Minatto has developed her own signature style, influenced by her Brazilian background and her European training. All of her bathing suits, including her bikinis, have a timeless elegance that has become associated with the name Larissa Minatto.

Larissa Minatto's luxury lines of swimwear are meant for women who like chic fashions that while not flashy can attract a lot of attention. The designer's swimsuits come in classic colors such as pink, black or blue or have unique prints that consumers cannot find anywhere else. Minatto doesn't adhere to current trends but instead focuses on designing beachwear that can be a part of women's wardrobes for years. The minimalistic bathing suits often provide more modest coverage than other types of swimsuits, but they don't lack in sensuality. The suits allow women to show off their best features and complement different skin tones and shapes. Many of the designer's bathing suits have sophisticated golden pieces that add to their luxurious and exclusive looks. When donning a bathing suit from Larissa Minatto's collection, many women feel like models from the covers of their favorite fashion magazines.