Mar Rio

Mar Rio Swimwear

Not all men want to wear longer styles of swim trunks while relaxing on or playing water or beach sports, and many women enjoy colorful bathing suits that stand out in the crowd. Some guys prefer a shorter style of swim trunks known as sunga, which are especially popular in the South American country of Brazil. Many women can appreciate colorfully-designed bathing suits that draw attention to them. For men who appreciate sexy swimsuits and women who like island-inspired bikinis and one-pieces, the Mar Rio brand has something to offer for everyone. The company has gained a reputation across the globe for creating unconventional, sexy swimwear for men and women with different skin tones and body shapes.

The swimwear brand has been going strong since 1983. For more than 30 years, the company has striven to be different from other companies offering summer fashions for men and women. Mar Rio offers a wide-range of sungas for men who appreciate simpler, more bold or sportier designs. It also has bathing suits with different cuts and color patterns for women who want more bold or subdued looks. The sexy men's and women's swimwear was designed to not only showcase the body but also to be functional. Active men and women can wear the sungas, bikinis or one-piece suits when they run around on the beach, try to catch a fish on a boating trip or take to the water in search of the perfect wave.

The Mar Rio brand offers comfortable sungas and women's suits that fit different body types. An inside drawstring secures the form-fitting trunks, ensuring that the men wearing them won't have any issues doing an activity they wish. For women, Mar Rio has a range of suits with balconette tops and low-rise bottoms, which showcase and provide support to a woman's curves. The brand offers solid-colored, sporty striped and print sungas for men and a range of multicolored island prints with women with different tastes in bathing suits.