New Beach

New Beach Swimwear

Since the 1990s, New Beach has been going strong as one of the top beachwear companies out of Brazil. Since its start, the company has offered creative swimwear for women who want to wear the most cutting-edge fashions. The company initially produced clothing only for women in Brazil but eventually went global as a demand grew for new and unique summer fashions. Women from countries throughout the globe don the fashionable, high-detailed and colorful brand of swimsuits on beaches, at pools and in other outdoor settings.

The designers' passion for their craft shows through in every design. The brand's suits come in a mixture of brightly-colored prints that express the love of Brazil's beach culture. Many of the bathing suits evoke images of sunrises and sunsets. The swimwear not only looks attractive but feels comfortable on and accentuates the body. Many of the halter or bandeau-style tops in the brands collections are padded and paired with matching low-rise bottoms. The bikini bottoms provide an adequate amount of coverage but still make it possible for wearers to get a good tan. New Beach bathing suits often fit women's bodies as if they were custom made for them.

The brand's newest collection was inspired by sea creatures and plants. The textures and colors in the line of swimwear can almost bring alive the inspiring animals and flora. On the bathing suits, small details such as rings positioned between the cups of the tops give the fashions an attention-grabbing quality that plainer bathing suits often lack. Every New Beach bathing suit design has its own flair and touch of originality.