Poko Pano

Poko Pano Bikinis

Poko Pano is an exciting swimwear line that originated in Brazil and is available internationally online. Fashion designer Paola Robba began creating her unique swimwear in 1988 and has grown the brand to its current successful renowned status. Today, voluptuous celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have been spotted sporting these sexy fashions.

Loosely translated as "little fabric", Poko Pano features alluring swimwear with a unique design aesthetic and a Brazilian flair. These trendy bikinis are well-known for their signature mismatched pieces. They feature vibrant colors and exciting and eye-catching patterns. For those a bit timid about wearing a bikini, Robba offers sleek, black, enticing one-piece swimsuits. The Poko Pano line also offers Robba's lovely cover ups.