Salinas Swimwear

Salinas has developed a reputation as one of the hottest brands of swimwear on the market. Worn by models such as Tyra Banks, Gisele B√ľndchen, Christy Turlington and Adriana Lima, the brand has been featured in top fashion magazines throughout the world. Women throughout the globe, including celebrities, sport Salinas swimwear when they go a swanky pool party or on a fun outing at the beach. The brand's vibrant colors help the bathing suits to stand out from those made by other swimwear companies. Women never just feel like another face in the crowd, even in a bustling setting, when they wear a memorable swimsuit from Salinas.

Since she started the company in 1982, designer Tonico Jacqueline de Biase has been dedicated to creating swimwear that is appropriate for anyone, including models and women with curves. Females of different shapes and sizes can feel comfortable and confident wearing the brand of swimsuits. The designer brings together styles and designs, including stripes or prints, which ensure the bathing suits will capture attention. The suits are fashionable, unique and comfortable, a combination that can sometimes be difficult to find in swimwear.

Salinas bathing suits have a Brazilian flair and sophistication that makes them different from others. The designer has created a wide range of swimsuits for women with varying types of personalities. She offers a number of swimsuits with triangle or bandeau-style tops and Brazilian-coverage bottoms with skimpier or higher waists. Elements such as colorful jewelry pieces or wide waistbands give the bathing suits even more of a standout quality. Women can show off their stylishness and sexy sides when they rock Salinas bikinis.