Triya Swimwear

A bathing suit that stands out and makes you feel good is worth its weight in gold. Brazil has become known for its distinctive, stylish beachwear because of companies like Triya. The company was built around innovative construction, chic designs and vibrant prints. The pieces all have their own special flair. Each piece was designed for a different type of woman, with her own special personality quirks and passions. The craftsmanship of each piece adds to its overall quality. When women choose the Triya brand, they can expect to wear the bathing suit will hold up when exposed to the elements and allow them to partake in sun-filled activities on the beach or at the pool, if they so choose.

Triya offers a diversity of bikinis, one-piece bathing suits and sundresses, all with stylistic elements that make them different from others in the brand. A number of the suits have colorful butterfly designs that can make you feel almost at one with nature. Some of the suits incorporate scaly material, giving them a texture similar to a reptile, while others suits and sundresses have more conventional materials but avante garde designs. On these pieces, you will find mesh-like qualities or strategically-placed leg slits.

The company offers a wide variety of bikinis, with triangle or bandeau-style tops and bottoms with wider or more slender side panels. Some of the tops come with removable padding to accentuate the bust and offer additional support. When wearing any Triya sundress or bathing suit, you can expect that others will take notice and inevitably want to copy your look. There’s nothing easy about being a trendsetter, but Triya makes your job simpler with flirty, more modest, colorful and innovative bathing suits that you can easily match with your favorite accessories.