Bali Blue

Bali Blue, Brazilian Canga

Since 1990, Bali Blue has been creating wearable art as the company continues to reinvent the classic sarong. Drawing inspiration from the country and culture of Brazil, Bali Blue brings fresh, innovative designs to sarongs that have become a staple up and down the country’s extensive shoreline.

Many of the sarongs from Bali Blue feature art inspired by landmarks and natural vistas of Brazil. Others from the new Bahia line feature African inspiration and depict such African cultural elements as Apogo music and Capoeira dance. Other sarongs from Bali Blue feature tropical flowers or simple Asian design.

From bold declarations to elegant understatements, this brand has something to offer anyone in search of a sarong. Ready to wear sarongs add a fun flair to your look whether you are lounging in the sand and sunshine on the beach or by the poolside, all a the great price that Bali Blue offers!