Sliding Bikini Bottom

Red Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Red Lace
US $25.90 US $20.70
Acid Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Acid Lace
US $21.60 US $17.20
Ipe Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Ipe Lace
US $25.90 US $20.70
Sky Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Sky Sumo
US $25.90 US $20.70
Mare Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Mare Sumo
US $21.60 US $17.20
Acid Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Acid Sumo
US $21.60 US $17.20
Pink Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Pink Sumo
US $21.60 US $17.20
Rosalinda -20%
Lua Morena Rosalinda
US $72.20 US $57.80
Red Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Red Sumo
US $25.90 US $20.70
Pink Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Pink Lace
US $25.90 US $20.70
Blue Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Blue Lace
US $21.60 US $17.20
Mare Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Mare Lace
US $21.60 US $17.20
King Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol King Sumo
US $25.90 US $20.70
Blue Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Blue Sumo
US $21.60 US $17.20
Mel Bk Python -20%
Despi Mel Bk Python
US $191.40 US $153.10

Sliding Bikini Bottom

Whether you're working on a glorious tan or collecting admiring or envious gazes at the beach on this year's vacation, these sliding bikini bottoms will serve you well. The styles and colors mix and match well, so you can grab a few to really round out your swimwear wardrobe.

Sliding bikini bottoms aren't merely sexy and fashionable, but they are ideal for sun worshipers as well. Because they're adjustable for width of coverage, they can blend tan lines as you vary which skin is exposed to the sun. You can adjust a sliding bikini bottom for absolute maximum exposure to the sun without having to wear a thong all day or bring a second suit along. These sliding bikini bottoms are all adjustable from legal minimum to Brazilian coverage.

You can find styles and bold colors that are easy to match with any style of top you prefer. They come in black, white, yellow, red, and a host of bold colors for easy eye-catching mixing. Of course you can find a selection of stunning prints, including the perennially popular zebra, if you want to express your inner animal.

We have many style options for you to browse through, looking for the perfect way to express your style. There are tie-side, lace with a flouncy tie on one side, and slip-on styles. Many of them are available with tops in matching fabrics, either strapless bandeau tops for maximum sun exposure or triangle tops so you can ease tan lines on top, too.