Mishky Jewelry

Jewelry can be more than just something you put on as an afterthought after picking out your outfit for a day spent in the sun.The Colombian jewelry brand Mishky was made for fashionable women who think about how everything they wear, including their bracelets, fit with their summer ensembles. The handcrafted jewelry is made with the finest materials, including fine glass pearls that give the bracelets an added sophistication. Fine metal detailing and intricate weaving detail goes into every colorful bracelet, which looks good with an elegant evening gown or a sultry, low-cut bikini.

The Mishky brand has become known for multicolored, durable and well-made bracelets in bright or more-toned down yellows, pinks, blues, oranges, browns and/or grays. The company offers different types of bracelets,with mini or big designs. Inside drawstrings make the jewelry adaptable to wearers of different sizes. Some pieces have special touches such as a gold-plated piece in the center. Many of the bracelets were designed to be worn by men or women.

When Tita Navia and Martha Duran created the Mishky brand, they wanted to not only design colorful jewelry but also give back to the community. They provide vocational training to low-income families and allow mothers in their employment to work from home so that they can take care of their families while creating beautiful handcrafted jewelry unlike anything else on the market. The two founders built their business around concepts such as love and friendship, concepts that are reflected in every jewelry design.

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