Blue Man

Blue Man Bikinis

Inspired by the picturesque tropical scenery and vibrant art style of Brazil, home to the company's masterminds, Blue Man's swimwear line combines elements of customization and practicality to create functional beauty. Blue Man suits take on the appeal of dazzling geometric patterns, eye-catching coloration, and the subtle usage of accessories to enhance unique design, specializing in both two-pieces and one-pieces, along with offering choices in both men's and women's wear.

Blue Man boasts a parade of diverse styles and cuts, sporting bandeau as well as triangular bikini tops, a number of differently shaped bottoms, and head-turning one-piece designs. Each suit is crafted with outdoor practicality in mind, fully lined with polyamide to combat accidental transparency when wet, and the entirety is comprised of a quality blend of polyamide and elastane. Doubtless, Blue Man provides for a dynamic ethnic flair and a bold statement without skimping out on dependable quality fit.