Adjustable Bikini Bottoms

Red Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Red Lace
US $28.20 US $22.60
Acid Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Acid Lace
US $23.50 US $18.80
Ipe Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Ipe Lace
US $28.20 US $22.60
Sky Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Sky Sumo
US $28.20 US $22.60
Mare Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Mare Sumo
US $23.50 US $18.80
Acid Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Acid Sumo
US $23.50 US $18.80
Pink Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Pink Sumo
US $23.50 US $18.80
Red Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Red Sumo
US $28.20 US $22.60
Pink Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Pink Lace
US $28.20 US $22.60
King Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol King Sumo
US $28.20 US $22.60
Blue Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Blue Lace
US $23.50 US $18.80
Mare Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Mare Lace
US $23.50 US $18.80
Blue Sumo -20%
Rio de Sol Blue Sumo
US $23.50 US $18.80
Sky Lace -20%
Rio de Sol Sky Lace
US $23.50 US $18.80
King Lace -20%
Rio de Sol King Lace
US $28.20 US $22.60

Adjustable Coverage Bikini Bottoms

Dive right in to the adjustable coverage bikini bottoms from Rio Swim Shop. These bikini bottoms will have you looking your best whether you are relaxing by the pool or going for a swim. Rio Swim Shop's inventory carries a variety of colors, brands, and sizes. The Rio Swim Shop is a one-stop shop for all of your beach clothing needs.

These adjustable bikini bottoms range in sizes from XS to XL; the sliding feature ensures the bottoms will be a great fit to your form, and you can adjust it as needed. The material is made of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber, perfect for swimming in water and dries quickly. The bikini bottoms come in several different solid colors such as black, white, yellow, gold, red and more. The bottoms also come in different prints like animal, zebra, floral, and stripes.

Rio Swim Shop's inventory carries all of your favorite beach brands like Blue Man, La Playa, Rio de Sol and Lua Morena. These Brazilian bikini bottoms are made from high quality, breathable and flexible Lycra material. The bottoms are very easy to mix and match since they come in a variety of styles and colors.

Complete your suit with one of our numerous bikini top options. Rio has a massive collection of the classic draw-string triangle tops. Another fantastic top that will give you great lift and support is the halter style top. If you are seeking more coverage, or do not want to bother with strings or ties, view our wide variety of bandeau style tops.

No matter what amount of coverage you are looking for, Rio will have something fore everyone. Wear one of our suits with your favorite beach accessories and prepare for heads to turn! Visit Rio's website to get all of your gear for maximum fun in the sun.