Scrunch Bikini

Brazilian Scrunch Bikini

Scrunch bottoms can accentuate a woman's derriere in a way that other bikini bottoms don't. The ruching of the fabric creates a heart shape that is ideal for showing off a woman's curves. Many sunbathers around the world have started to wear scrunch bottoms because of how they show off their bodies and make it easier for them to get a more even tan. The Rio Swim Shop offers a wide range of Brazilian-style bikinis with scrunch bottoms, in different colors and styles.

Women who love Brazilian scrunch bottoms will find bathing suits in more subdued solid colors and in colorful styles. These bottoms are matched with triangle or bandeau-style tops in complementary colors and designs. The bottoms can often be mixed and matched with different tops and accessories to create dynamic looks that others on the beach or at the pool will be sure to remember. Wearers can feel secure wearing scrunch bottoms because although they show more skin than some bottoms, they provide more coverage than thongs.

Scrunch bottoms were designed for bold women who love to show off their bodies when lying in the sand or romping around on the beach. The bottoms stay securely in place through different activities, so the sexy women who wear them can have a fun day in the sunny without worries about their bathing suits.